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His last project which was "Love Rain". Although the drama received much hype when the cast was released, the drama’s ending rating hit bottom, unintentionally tarnishing Jang Geun Suk’s reputation as an actor. After the incident, Asia’s prince said, “I chose this [project] after careful deliberation. But the important thing is that I have yet to sign the contract. So I can’t tell you anything about it.” What kind of character would you like to see Jang Geun Suk play next? And Who else can't wait for the release of his new project? :D
thank you I did find it on youtube I was not sure if it would be there but it was. It was soooo funny
@leeminhosgirl91 you can watch in @youtube
Excuse me can some one give me some information on his movie he did " My Pet" I would really like to see it. Where online can I see it for free that is easy? can some one Help
he is cute !!!!i will be happy to see him with Park again love them :)
cutest prince
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