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Who is spreading this disease around BTS where they think they can just do these things and get away with it. Is it Jungkook. I bet it's Jungkook. 馃槨馃槨馃槨
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"just trying to live my life"..... same!!!!!
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馃槰馃槺馃槻馃樀 Yoongi..... Whyyyy!!???? That just gave me a mini hear attack. The first gif showing him biting his lips and the second one.. Wow.. Idk if i can just try and live my life knowing Yoongi does this things that could kill me one day...
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My ojitos (馃憖) have been blessed..Eye candy.
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omg....omg 陇///陇 I choke on my water no bad yoongi Noo stop it
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