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Since @tbell2 posted about Yu-Gi-Oh! for this weeks Throwback Thursday, it got me thinking about all the time I used to spend at Yu-Gi-Oh card tournaments with my brother (and yes, that was a LOT of time). I would usually get out of the tournament pretty early, but I was also the only girl there (lol), so I would have fun helping the shop owner for the rest of the day since he'd kinda look out for me while my brother played (he made it much farther than I lol).

Anyways, here's a few of my favorite cards!

((please note that these are probably skewed to kinda lame cards because my brother always took the better ones, lol, I basically played his backup deck.))

1: Gemini Elf!

From: Labyrinth of Nightmare
I remember playing this card all the time! They were the first 4* 1900 monster that didn't have any effects.

2: Mirror Force!

From: Metal Raiders
Basically, you can destroy everything with this card when played well, and it's a good defensive move. I'm all about defense when I play, because I'm more of a bunker down & heal rather than an attack kind of player.

3: Swords of Revealing Light

Basically, this just reveals all of the monsters & binds monsters your opponent controls from declaring an attack for 3 turns. Again, I'm a defensive player!!!

What were your favorite cards?

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@hikaymm he just needed all five pieces in hand to win..
2 years ago·Reply
best key element of spells card for old school yu gi oh
2 years ago·Reply
@Kpmanalo Chnge of Heart is OP. it's banned from tournaments
2 years ago·Reply
@Shadowrider32 yeah i know but on just local card players its fine i do remember i a deck of the armed dragon when he real yugi fought with the whited haired boy
2 years ago·Reply
i had i mean
2 years ago·Reply