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Haters back off!

Hilarious YouTube star Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings has landed a 10 episode series on popular movie and tv series streaming service, Netflix. In recent months, YouTube stars have gone from everyday people sitting behind their cameras to full blown celebrities. They are more than just internet sensations, they're personalities and far more reachable and friendly to fans than your everyday celebrity. They have book deals, tv shows, tv appearances, movies, recording contracts, and the list goes on and on.
Miranda Sings is an alter ego of real life Colleen Ballinger. Ballinger decided to create Miranda Sings, a extremely ignorant and egotistical personality who is convinced that she's and extremely famous singer and actress whose talented at well, everything. From her hilarious accent to her iconic over-lined red lips, Miranda Sings has won over the admiration of YouTube fans. She's so convincing as Miranda that many newcomers to her channel believe that Miranda and Colleen are two completely different people.
Miranda Sings has over 5.8M subscribers and over 830M views. Impressive for the character who thinks she's famous with the loving support from her "Uncle".

Best of luck Miranda!

@danidee omg can I help you make a show?! We'd be mf'n BRILLLLLLIANT. Ridiculous. You don't NEED me. I just want to sit on your set, drink wine, (or mimosas!) and ride your shirt tails. Besides, if we do it together, I'd like, balance you out and protect the contract like a ninja. Yo...yo... Yoooga. (A comedy yoga fitness show?!) It provides balances and anxiety relief, as does all dancing. Like belly dancing? Or pole dancing? Cmon DaniDoll. Lemme give lessons. :P *giggles* (ps-have I mentioned I luv yew?)
Oh man, I feel like this girl's voice is actually really annoying. I get that that's part of her character, but I hope that she changes it up a little bit for the show because I don't know if I'd be able to handle it for full lengthed episodes.
I'm all for this show @danidee any time you need guests, I'll be there! :D
@ButterflyBlu I feel like if I had a show, it would be me just wanting to shit talk everything for 50 minutes.
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