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So, I guess last week was super simple. lol not bad for a trial run but I am gonna play this week strictly in House as this IS the SPN community. Rules are simple; Guess which character said the quote, Check your answers, And let me know how ya did! Up this week- Crowley (aka Fergus) vs. Bobby Singer (the character)
Lol can you feel the love?
lol couldnt find the gif but this'll work.
pfffft. Even he is done with their shit sometimes.
#truth #familyaintjustblood #youCANchooseyourfamily
How did you do? Who should we choose next game? I bet you have some good ideas... message me. I wont bite. *holds up left hand, right over heart* Scout's honor. I swear. lol
haha I did ok, gotta rewatch some of these episodes though
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hee hee. me too.
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Maybe a community rewatch is in order? After this season finishes
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I should think so.
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