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(Discussion) Is Demarcus Cousins The Best Center In The NBA?
It seems as if Demarcus Cousins finally has the respect of his head coach George Karl.
Karl is not only campaigning for Cousins to make the Western Conference All-Star team, he took it a step further by calling his player the best center in basketball.
"He's helped us at both ends of the court. ... I don't know anybody that's playing at this level right now, and I hope the NBA recognizes it and gives him an opportunity to play in Toronto [at the All-Star Game]."
Cousins, has scored at least 29 points in eight of nine games during the new year.
Demarcus is an elite NBA player with an incredible set of skills for a big man. He runs the floor gracefully and finishes with power. He can knock down jumpers and attack the rim off the dribble with ease. Cousins is also a relentless rebounder. On the season Demarcus is averaging 26 points and 11 rebounds a night.

Is Demarcus Cousins The Best Center In The NBA?

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It might be just me...but if I were the head coach, I would take Anthony Davis over Cousins any time.
2 years ago·Reply
I don't think he's the best center
2 years ago·Reply
@bobs yeah I agree Demarcus can be a headache, but the Kings havent been too stable of a franchise either, lots of player and coach turnover since his arrival.. he deserves better
2 years ago·Reply
@mchylang Yeah if we were to consider Davis a center.. he would probably say he's a power forward though, he's like 230 pounds, Cousins is like 270 lol
2 years ago·Reply
@ChriSingularis I agree, I think Drummond is his best competition at the center position right now, at this point I would give Cousins the nod because he has a way deeper skill set offensively right now
2 years ago·Reply