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I need opinions!!
But first let's see how Jimin effects my feels?
Okie...Sooooo many of you know I want to audition for an entertainment company and I was going to post a video on YouTube of me singing along to a kpop song. I was going to upload it here to get your opinions but...Idk if you guys would give me feedback so I don't embarrass myself?! I will post it most likely tomorrow? Or Saturday uhm...Ily!!
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Do it! I'll be cheering up.
2 years ago·Reply
go for it! I'll be happy to give feedback! ^^
2 years ago·Reply
I want to audition too!! Post it so we can all help each other!!! :D
2 years ago·Reply
@ninjamidori I posted a voice one this morning!! ^-^
2 years ago·Reply
YAY link me?!?@KatelynSummerso
2 years ago·Reply