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Yes, 김 (kim) is a very popular Korean last name, but what else is it?!

김 - Seaweed


김밥 - Rice and veggies wrapped in seaweed!

Literally 'seaweed rice'

A fun Korean food with 김:

주먹밥 - Rice ball!

(joo-meok bap)
Literally "fist rice"
Just take fresh rice and roll it together with seaweed. You can also add kimchi, tuna, or meat to the middle for a tasty surprise!

How do you feel about seaweed?

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seaweed is life...
2 years ago·Reply
Have to try it 🍣 and sushi
2 years ago·Reply
i like seaweed salad and i like it on sushi but ive never really had it any other way so i don't know~
2 years ago·Reply
I don't like dried seaweed by itself because it tastes too much like the ocean to me 😂 but with other stuff it's good 👌
2 years ago·Reply
I love seaweed! Roasted seaweed is delicious, I can eat it all by itself~
2 years ago·Reply