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I know this isn't K-Pop related but I want y'all opinion so this is a guy I've had a crush on for a while. My friends always tell me that he's not cute but every time I see him I get butterflies & want to punch him in the face for being so cute! (Pictures don't do him justice) I wanted y'all opinion & be honest do y'all find him attractive at all? Or do I just have really bad taste?
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hes really cute, dont mind your friends, if you like him that that and they shouldnt say anything about it and push you to talk to him more and get yall together. Ive been there too my friends judged me cuz I like this guy but some just talk so much about him to me just to make me blush and she forced me to talk to him once since her english isnt that good, his isnt either but english was the only way to communicate to him with other than when me and my friend speak spanish so I did talk to him but I stopped because I blushed more then I have ever in my life. Just try to talk to him about anything really, hows he been anything really, if he wont start a conversation then you start it. fighting!!
I've actually done the exact same thing that he's doing to you to this guy I liked. I found out later that he actually liked me but by the time I realized that I liked him he had a gf. I'm honestly still not over him... But I think that if you think he's cute then that's all that matters. Good luck talking to him! I hope things go the way you want them to. Fighting!
he's cute girl you go get him!!! 馃拕馃挅
he's attractive (but not my style) heh but dont worry go to to him and maybe you will find out he probs likes you too heh good luck
it doesn't matter what others think, if you like him go get him! Good luck!!!