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I see all these ladies getting cheated on and this impacts other guys chances to have a good relationship cause of what happend in their past relationships but what if he really means well? what do you guys think?
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Yup! I hope good one's outnumbes the bad. I want to think positive. :)
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that's good keep doing that and you will be in great hands
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Wow, interesting image!! thanks for sharing a good question. I've been cheated on before and it's NO fun. But what helped me health the most wasn't really adding another guy to the mix, but just take care of myself alone. But everyone heals differently!
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So true @nicolejb. I totally agree!
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I appreciate. Im lost now but I understand... Wait no Im confusing myself !!! y does this always happen?! Yes I will appreciate! 馃槹馃槉馃槉....
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