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Ahh line~ a place to chat with your friends or anyone around the world, to send each other cute stickers and voice messages, a place to interact with a complete stranger and become best friends with them even if you never met them :3

This what happens when you leave a bunch of "responsible moderation workers" in place like line....
Their conversations that goes down like this...
Questionable group cover pic~
Top secret album files revealed~

Well this.

Feast your eyes on this....
All created by your moderators, take a look at their true form~
(Uhhhh just ignore me in there, just say that I'm the mature one ok... I may be the maknae but I'm more serious than any of them) 😎😆😆 @helixx @JiyongLeo @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia
Oh my! The butts... so many butts! @JiyongLeo, is that a quote from me?
Yes.. team.. remember to load more Butt for my collection... I don't think we have enough
@JiyongLeo I agree! Our team kicks ass and I love them Bulletproof team whoop whoop! And it's so fun having our own little jobs that we do
@JiyongLeo @Helixx I love being on a mod team; so many friends!!!
@JiyongLeo that's a personal limit and it's more like, *sends 12* "but wait guys, there's more!" *sends 12 more* "one more round!" *sends another 12 memes*
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