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Do people really change ? I do not think that people can truly "change" and if someon does appear to change in your eyes then I think one of two things are happening either they are faking it or they they have convinced their selves that they are someone that they are not
@2Distracted there is no need to say sorry I completely understand
I have a few in my life that I'd love to give a high five the face....with a chair!!! Sorry
I think people can change. I don't think its an overnight thing for sure but change is possible BUT you are right there are a whole lot of fake opportunistic and manipulative people that just go thru the motions.
everything you could see as a developing muscle. if I use specific emotions enough, they will be used more throughout my day and become habit. so yes people change. do people change when they abuse drugs? no shit they do!
well honestly, you don't always fake it as a changed person it doesn't happened all the time and so. no one is perfect it will take us months to change into someone different.