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I tell her but she won't admit even if I know.
This relates to my friend.
I know that feeling @DestinyAgnew and to most it might not feel that great but for me it was the best feeling in the world
I hope your friend feels better but once you get in that kind of slump it's hard to get out but if your friend tries hard enough I'm sure that your friend can do it
That relates to me and my friends way to much... Kinda scary...
But im okay being by myself 馃榿 have been since i was ummm like 7 or 8 probably 6 actually i dont really remember my age but ever since i was in 2nd grade never really had friends but that alright i have anime to get me through the hard times 馃槈 lol
It will take time, but it is possible!!!! sending warm thoughts
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