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21. Which member would be your older brother?
I'd say probably Leo or Ken. My sister is really outgoing and so is Ken but then there's me... Leo would probably definitely be my older brother.
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@ChaErica long story short, me and him used to be best friends but separated for a bit. so when i found out he liked me it was great but we never really talked and i don't see him much, kinda like strangers ??? it's sad but yeah hah. i nEED TO GO TO SOUTH KOREA ONE DAAYY
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@flxvour That's sort of how my last relationship went(with the cheater.) We were friends and he liked me and I didn't want to lose him as a friend plus I mean I was sort of crushing on him too. Too bad he ended up cheating. Lol I laugh at all the texts he sent me about loving me now. Like clearly he was using those words to get somewhere with me. Luckily I'm not stupid.
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@ChaErica omg i honestly don't see the point in getting a relationship if you were just gonna cheat??? people these days just don't care. luckily for me, my boyfriend isn't so bad. he just doesn't know how to be romantic.
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@flxvour Yeah I know! Lol thank god someone sees it my way! It sounds like you've got yourself a keeper! Hold on to him because they are rare! Haha
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@flxvour of course, i may not be a love expert but i know the pros and cons!! i learn from the almight k-dramas and fanfics lmAO. and of course, i didn't like him for no reason. 馃槀 he's worth it.
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