So, I guess that cosplayers across the country have been lighting up Party City's customer service lines. Their entire supply of face paint has been unavailable for a few weeks. It seems they place the blame on Mudvayne for their lack of inventory over recent weeks, as they released the following statement: “After fielding numerous complaints from our valued customers, we felt it was important to explain why we are out of face paint at our 100+ retail locations in the United States. Due to a large purchase made by Mudvayne LLC, we are currently out of stock until further notice.” Does this mean we'll be "Dig"ging some new tracks from the band soon? Would you be Happy?
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@Yuki136989 I forgot that GWAR does that. lol
yeah lol they r crazy in concert I also loved mudvayne in concert #LongLiveRock
they must have bought an unimaginable amount of face paint!
I ain't mad lol Wouldn't mind some new Mudvayne tracks either
I appreciate the fact that they are still a band and buying out all of the Halloween makeup. Savage.