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I couldn't find pics that went with the descriptions, close enough though... :|
After a short tour of the Big Hit building and a short stop at the dorm to drop my new gadgets off, we went to the mall. I had told them that the facility had only given me red, black, white, and gray clothes. They made comments about how boring it is to have just black and red clothes. Namjoon said something like, "That's what this world would be like if everyone were the same." The mall was a long ways walk, but it only took 10 minutes.
Inside the mall, Jimin grabbed my arm and took me inside a chic store. I saw a shirt I though was stylish but it cost 75,000 won ($62 USD). I looked at a few more shirts and they all cost either about the same or more than the first one. Realizing my surroundings, the clothes in this store aren't even my style. I told Jimin that the clothes in here aren't my style and we walked out with the other members. Jimin almost looked relieved that I didn't want anything in there. Maybe the boys are planning something. He might've bought me a shirt if I told him I liked one.
Next was Jin taking me into a more "proper" store than the last, or so Jin says. It looked like a bunch of business outfits and things you would wear to a formal party. I looked at the first thing I thought looked somewhat tasteful. A small green and blue tie, like a mini tie that waitresses sometimes wear. The price, not as bad as the last store, but still bad. 25,000 won (20 USD) for a 10 cm tie. I immediately walked out. I have a feeling Jin didn't want to buy anything in there either.
Yoongi led me into a more rouged store. Kinda like a hipster outpost. Yoongi seemed more interested in the store than I did. There were shirts with different words on them, some in Korean, English, and something else I think is French. There was a large wall of beanies and caps of different colors and words. It amazed me how many different hats could be in a store that isn't purely for hats. After looking through the entire store, I was about to ask Yoongi what he thought of a shirt I found, but he was no where to be seen. I started to freak out but then I spotted him buying a navy blue cap that says "I AM" in white words. He finished up and I asked him about the shirt I was holding. Lime green with a blue and yellow swirly design. He said that it looked good and offered to buy it for me. I refused because I'm a nice person but he insisted on it, so I let him.
Hoseok took us into a store with mostly jackets and hoodies. I was eyeing a dark gray jacket with a strange zipper. It goes up like a normal zip-up, but then the zipper starts to go around to the back and it ends in the back on the neck. How peculiar. Hoseok was hovering near me, pretending that he was looking at something else. "Hoseok, do you think this would suit me?" I had slipped the jacket on and spun around so he could see. He nodded and said that he'd buy it as a welcome gift. I slipped it off and let him take it to the register.
Namjoon went onto a sports wear store and I followed. I for one dislike wearing sports clothes for anything other than sports. "Namjoon, are you going to get something?" He was just standing, watching me. He shook his head. I sighed and walked out and let the next person lead me to another store. The other boys walked out with Namjoon. He looked sad, like he was sad that he couldn't get me anything. When he noticed me looking at him, he looked away embarrassed.
Taehyung grabbed my wrist and almost ran to the next store. It consisted of casual clothes like t shirts and jeans. But some of them had a 'fun' vibe to them. Pants with crazy patterns in different colors, shirts with strange things like a giraffe in tuxedo on them. I went up to the crazy pants and looked through them. One that caught my eye was a pair of sky blue leggings with a small yellow stripe on each side. Looking closer, the yellow was actually little smiley faces. I tried them on and showed Taehyung. He told me that he was going to buy it for me and a t shirt for himself.
Jungkook finally got his turn. He turned into a dimly lit store with bright lights over the displays. In the middle of looking around, Jungkook came up to me with a purple and green button up. He held it up to my body and said that I looked nice and asked what I thought. I also really liked it. He had somehow guessed the perfect size for me. He asked if I had seen anything else I wanted. I shook my head and watched him leave to pay but on the way up he picked up a plain dark blue shirt with a black collar.
We left the store and Jin stopped me and looked at me. "I'm sorry you didn't like anything in the store I took you to. I'll make it up to you by buying you a meal, okay?" He was really upset that he didn't get me anything for my 'welcoming' gift. Jimin and Namjoon offered to buy me a meal later too to make up for it. I thanked them all for the gifts they bought me. Even though it was just shirt, a jacket, leggings, and a button up, it's something other than red and black shirts with white or black pants. "Let's go that meal I promised you, y/n" Jin led us out of the mall and to a restaurant down the street.
We got seated and ordered pork hot pot. While we waited for the food to be ready, Jimin moved the conversation from the best ways to eat noodles to who I was going to pick to protect me. Everyone suddenly remembered about my pursuers. All of them turned to look at me and were trying to show off for me. Boys... I told them that I'd think about it and for now all of them would have to protect me. They understood and continued talking about noodles. The hot pot was ready and we ate 3 servings. I now know that when and if I cook for them, I'll have to cook a lot for all of them. It doesn't help that I eat quite a lot too.
On the way back to the dorm, I got a text on my new phone. I couldn't think of anyone who would have my number except the boys and the company. I read the text out loud to the boys. "Since they can physically harm you (punching, kicking, blunt stabbing, etc.), you may hit them back and inflict major injuries. Do not feel bad, they are simply doing their jobs. P.S. You don't need to take them to the hospital or care for their wounds afterwards, we can take care of it. -The Facility"
All of us were confused but realized that it meant the pursuers. In a flash, 5 men in all black suits dropped down surrounding the group. One tried to jump on Namjoon, but he punched him before he could get too close. Namjoon started to apologize, but I ran over and told him that they are just doing their jobs. Jimin was fighting one in front of him and another came up behind him and was about to strangle his neck. Hoseok took the guy down before he reached him though. Jungkook and Yoongi were beating one unconscious. Jin and Taehyung tied them up with a rope in one's belt.
All 5 men were tied in rope and set aside while we continued back to the dorm. The conversation then went towards how to beat them faster next time. Eventually, we reached the dorm door. Jin told us to start settling in and cleaning up for the night since it was 9 o'clock. I took a shower first since it takes my hair the longest to dry. Then 3 others, the other 4 will take theirs in the morning since they take forever. Around 12 midnight, we all somehow ended up in the quadruplet's room.
We were chatting about nonsense until Yoongi asked if I had thought enough about who I am going to choose. I had thought it over a lot. My decision could change my life forever. I could fall in love. Ruin my life. Create the best memories I can ever have. Seal my fate. If this fails, I will be sent back to the facility. If it goes amazingly well, I can stay for who knows how long.
I opened my mouth and said, "For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen..."
I wrote this chapter because I thought it just needed some fun. I haven't updated for a few days because of school. But I have the day off tomorrow/today because of the snow storm. I'll probably write a few more chapters over the weekend. So, now the story is going to split for each one. Feedback and suggestions are needed since I don't know what to do for Hoseok and Namjoon.
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