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Jiyong stand in front of the guy. He stand taller than Jiyong. The guy lifts a bat. Jiyong laughs. "Pussy" Jiyong said it to the guy. He got mad and started to swing at Jiyong. Jiyong quickly avoid the swings and then grabbed the bat and pull the guys towards Jiyong . He elbow the guys face and then punch him on the stomach. The guy let go of the bat and Jiyong throw it at the floor. Then Jiyong walks towards the guy and grabbed his head and Jiyong bring his right knee towards the guys face. Then the guy punched Jiyong on the stomach and as he was about to swing again, Jiyong quickly smashed his fave on the wall. Then Jiyong heard Seung-hyun screaming for Sol. Jiyong quickly turned around. He saw Sol trying to defeat his opponent, but when he turns towards Seung-hyun. He saw how badly the guy was getting him. Jiyong was about to walk towards Seung-hyun, then the guy grabbed Jiyong legs and dropped him to the floor. The guy climbed on top of Jiyong and started to throw punches at Jiyong's face. Blow after blow, Jiyong was getting angry. Then Jiyong bring is leg over the guy and wrapped his leg around his neck and pull him off of him, and locked him. The guy struggles to pull apart of Jiyong. Then... BANG! Jiyong got shocked, and let go of the guys neck and stand quickly. He sees Seung-hyun on top of Sol, and his back is bleeding. His eyes are widen ... Then the guy grabbed the bat and went behind Jiyong. He put the bat around Jiyong's neck and pull back. Jiyong is trying to breath, but it was getting harder . He struggles hard to try to break free. Then he saw Sol crying over Seung-hyun lifeless body, and then he saw Mi-na. She was giving CPR to Seungri. His anger boiled up. His strength climbed and Jiyong quickly bang his head back to the guys face. The guy drops the bat. Jiyong picks it up. "Want to use a weapon...I'll show you how to use it!" Jiyong looks at the guy with hate. Then he starts to swing AMD swing and swing. He broke the guys knees, then his jaw, and his ribs. The Jiyong lift up the bat once again, and swinged it across the guys face. His neck snapped. Jiyong dropped the bat and he went running towards Seungri.
Mi-na opened the safety kit and saw alcohol and bandages. She has to wash off the wound , but she knows it will be painful. Then she quickly took off her shirt and she was only on with her sports bra. Then she grabbed a stick nearby. Mi-na ties the shirt around Seungri's thigh to stop the blood going towards the open wound. "Seungri I need you to put this in your mouth" She puts the stick on Seungri's mouth. "I'm going to clean your wound. But it will be painful, so bite as hard as you want" Seungri bow his head as agreement. Then Mi-na opens the alcohol bottle. She breaths in and out... "1...2...3" She pours it in top of the wound, and Seungri screamed and bite the stick hard down. Then she grabs some bandages and clean the blood. Mi-na quickly wrapped a bandage around his wound. Seungri can't feel his leg. The pain and the loss amount of blood numbed him and he feels weaker. Then Seungri closed his eyes, and he felt his spirit out of his body. "Seungri?..Seungri!?..SEUNGRI!!" Mi-na stands up and goes on top of Seungri and starts doing CPR on him. **Seungri wakes up in a beautiful meadow. He don't feel pain anymore. As he walks forwards, he sees a beautiful woman in white. As he got closer, he saw it his mom. He ran towards her. "MOM, MOM!!" His mom turns around and open her arms to him. Seungri opened his arms and hugged her tight. His tears started to roll down. "My panda. Don't cry baby. Mommy is here now." His mom hugs Seungri tight and pats his hair. Minutes later... "Seungri, you must go back. Jiyong needs your kind heart. Your his only hope to give him happiness." Seungri got sad. "Mom I want to stay here with you, he is vicious!" His mom giggles. "Don't blame him, baby. Its not his fault. He cares about you, but he is afraid of opening his heart. Give it time." Seungri agrees and as they apart, she gets closer to him. "I will always be inside your heart, my panda" She kiss his forehead. **
Jiyong ran towards Seungri. Mi-na keeps doing CPR, but nothing. Seungri ain't responding. Jiyong panicks, but then his anger blinds him. Jiyong stands and turned around and he saw Daesung getting up from the chair. "You mother fucker!!" Jiyong locks his eyes on him. But Daesung can only do is smile. Jiyong start running towards Daesung. When he swinged, Daesung quickly blocked it and punched Jiyong's stomach, then he elbow Jiyong's face. Then Jiyong grabbs Daesungs hand and try to twist it around, by Daesung grabbed Jiyong's neck and squeezed tight. Jiyong couldn't breath, but he ain't giving up. Jiyong grabs Daesung's face and stretched it back, then he poked Daesung's eyes which made him let go of his beck. Jiyong gals to the floor, trying to catch his breath. Daesung stands. Daesung smiles at Jiyong. Then he grabs Jiyong's hair and pull it up high and strikes two punches at his face. Jiyong's head starts to spin and his eyes got blurry. Daesung let him go and walked towards to the bloody bat. "I told you that I will killl you" Daesung swinged and hit Jiyong in the stomach. "I will kill you and your family" He swings again. "I will get what I want" Then he swings and swings and hit Jiyong over and over. Jiyong grunts in pain. His mouth and his head is full of blood. Then Jiyong saw Mi-na working on Seungri still. "I ain't giving up, I promised." Jiyong's head screamed. Then Jiyong starts to stand. Daesung let Jiyong stand. "Wow, you are something. What some more?" Jiyong smiles and then spits blood on the floor. "I will show you the real monster inside of me" Daesung smiles and walks towards Jiyong. He swings at him, but Jiyong grabs his hand and Daesung looks at Jiyong's eyes. Jiyong smiles. The Jiyong smash his head towards Daesung's nose, which broke and he starts bleeding. Then he twist his arm back till Daesung dropped the bat. Then with his other hand he punched Daesung's arm he was holding and broke his arm. Jiyong quickly bring his right knee towards Daesung's stomach multiple times. Daesung starts to spit blood. Jiyong grabbed his hair and pull it back. Then he quickly punched his face and. Daesung fells to the floor. Jiyong climbed on top of Daesung, and locked Daesung's hands between his legs. Jiyong starts punching and punching, without stopping. "JIYONG!! STOPPP!!" Mi-na yells and runs towards Jiyong and pull him off of Daesung. Jiyong felt weak. "Your brother is alive, he is back. Come one he ain't worth it" Mi-na lifts Jiyong up from the floor and put one of his arms around her neck. She slowly took Jiyong to Seungri. Seungri was awake but barely. "We got to go. Seungri doesn't have much time." Sol picks up Seung-hyun body and put him on his back. Then Jiyong took all his strength and picks up Seungri and put him on his back. Mi-na helps Jiyong with Seungri. Then they all starts to walk out. As they walked by Daesung, Daesung grabbed Mi-na's ankle. "Help your brother, Mi-na. Remember I saved your ass" Daesung weakly said. Mi-na looks at her brother with disgust. "You never saved me, all you did was fill me up with your darkness and hate. You are not brother anymore, Daesung" Then Mi-na pulled out a gun which had only one bullet left, which she saved. She then pointed it at Daesung face. BANG! Sol and Jiyong looks at Mi-na, and she looks at them. "Let's go!" They all walked out of the building to the hospital. 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Oh. Jiyong someone's got a dirty mouth XD . Atlas you where busy when Sol and TOPs fight was going down ....because I was gonna be pissed if I caught your eating some cookies or something . There's a typo in here...."Seunghyuns lifeless body..." it's should be "Life-Ful" because he's not dead (still in denial) . YAAAS FINALLY SOMEONE ON TEAM JIYONG GETS A WEAPON♡♡♡ See how you guys like getting hit with sticks and sh*t . MINA WORK HARDER I CAN'T LOOSE SEUNGRI!!! . ....Well that was a kick to the chest....Momma Seungri why you do this to me! . Dae stfu you're really pissing me off, will someone please decapitate this hoe (-____-) . YASS JIYONG WHIP HIS ASS !!! . . MINA STFU I WAS WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT STOP BEING A LITTLE B*TCH . Wait what about SOL, his brother is still sleeping.....SEUNGRI WASN'T THE ONLY ONE!! . Okay I guess it's okay since Seungri's ruining out of time....but I swear Daesung you'll get yours!! . YAAAS MINA YOU TELL THAT HOE, I WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE HIM TOILET PAPER TO WIPE THE SHITTY MESS HE'S MADE!! . Omg MI-NA you bad ass....I wouldn't expect you do it...but you did and my my GD! ! . . I like how they all casually walk out after she kills him XD #NotEvenPhased lmao . Mi-Na is on point this chapter ♡♡♡
@KwonOfAKind *smiling mad cheesyyy**
BBxGD you should make another bingbang story but make them vampires that would be sexy Lol I'm just say lol@
I really enjoyed that ending. It makes me feel better now that Daesung is dead. (I never thought I would say that about a Big Bang member.)
Holy shit..... That's all I can say.....I thought this was gonna be the last chapter..... Holy shit!
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