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You wake up after being dizzy, you see a boy lying in bed next to you without no blanket, pillow, socks...nothing. You shake Suga to wake him up but he was dead asleep. You decide to be nice to Suga so you get up and make him breakfast. You made pancakes with eggs and bacon with milk. You walk over to set his breakfast beside him on a table. You write your phone number on a napkin and set it aside his food. You grab your jacket and skateboard and head on home. You get home to a boquet of flowers, you grab the flowers, unlock the door, and set your stuff down and go to read where these flowers were from.. It said they were from Hoshi (member from Seventeen). You set the flowers aside and go make yourself a sandwhich to munch on... Meanwhile, Suga wakes up to a breakfast with your phone number.

"Who made me this?" He asked himself loudly. He picked up the napkin and read the number, he decided to call you. After waiting and waiting you answered.

"Hello, It's me, Min Yoongi" You start to blush because the way his voice sounded was pretty cute. "Hey, Yoongi did you enjoy your breakfast?" "Yeah I did thank you, it was delicious." You giggle softly to yourself. But he heard you.

"Hey, Why are you laughing?" "Oh nothing it's just that your voice sounded funny haha...... Sorry for being awkward." You said awkwardly... "Eh it's fine, hey I have to go but if you want.... We can go out for a movie or something if you want too..." Suga said shyly but cutely at the same time.

"Okay, that would be nice... Bye Oppa.." you responded sadly. "Bye Beautiful." He responded. After that you just blush hardly, but someone texted you. You got excited because you thought it was Yoongi that texted you but it was from Hoshi... saying

"Hey, (Y/N), We need to talk..."

Ughhhh..... I wish I was her...
Can you tag me in everything please
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Those words are never good oh no omigawd馃槮馃槮馃槮
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