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Hey, Vinglers! ChelseaJay here back again with another screenshot game for you, this time featuring Wonder Girls!

If you've played Screenshot Games on Vingle before then feel free to skip this tutorial, but if you're new then follow these simple instructions:
1) Screenshot each gif in the following section. 2) View your results. 3A) Post your results in comments or 3B) Make your own card and tag me in it. (Story time is optional but encouraged.)
You and the members of Wonder Girls have known each other since childhood. You're all extremely close and you know each others deepest secrets. However, your friendship is very complicated. You all are willing to do anything to one up one another and get what you want. How will you fair in this game of friendship, love, rivalry and life?
01. Best Friend 02. Crush 03. Secret Admirer 04. Outs You 05. Girlfriend 06. Steals Your Girlfriend 07. Comforts You 08. Rebound 09. Gets You Fired 10. Wife


A. Slash Their Tires B. Spread A Rumor About
01. Best Friend: Hye Rim 02. Crush: Yubin 03. Secret Admirer: Ye Eun 04. Outs You: Yubin 05. Girlfriend: Sunmi 06. Steals Your Girlfriend: Hye Rim 07. Comforts You: Sunmi 08. Rebound: Hye Rim 09. Gets You Fired: Sunmi 10. Wife: Hye Rim


A. Slash Their Tires: Sunmi B. Spread A Rumor About: Yubin
As you can see, my life with the Wondergirls is some straight drama. I feel like we're a soap opera. Is this One Life To Live? No? Oh, I see lol. But based on this the only true friend I have is Yeeun. Yubin & Sunmi are two-faced, while Hyerim will do anything to get what she really wants: ME. Short Breakdown: Hye Rim had always been closer to me than the other girls, that's why I considered her my best friend. We pretty much did everything together and she was always by my side. When I developed a crush on Yubin, Hye Rim was the first to know. She would tease me about it constantly around the other girls (minus Yubin of course). As the teasing jokes continued every now and then, I would notice that Ye Eun would get uncomfortable. At first I thought it was because she liked Yubin as well but later I found out it was because she had a crush on me. Sadly, Yubin had a crush on Ye Eun and when she found out that Ye Eun had a crush on me she decided that I had to suffer for it and outted me to the entire High School. My reputation at the school plummeted so in revenge I spread a rumor about Yubin that ruined her as well. Shortly after we graduated High School, I started dating Sunmi. Everything was fine and we were even going to the same college (the others girls as well.) Seven months passed and I thought that Sunmi and I were happy together but I came home to find her kissing my best friend, Hye Rim. I was completely devastated but Sunmi was nice enough to comfort me and explain her reasons for shattering my heart to pieces. It turns out that she wasn't as happy as I thought she was. She felt alone because of the long hours I spent with school and work. Ultimately it had taken a toll on our relationship and apparently Hye Rim was there for her. It had only happened once and I had walked in on it before it could go further. I was pissed at Hye Rim. I would return her texts or answer her calls. If she was included on plans with the girls I would pretend to be busy. I mean, she was my best friend but she stole my girlfriend from me. What kind of best friends do that? So I stayed home and ignored everything around me until one day Hye Rim showed up at my door and let herself into my home. We got in a really bad fight. There was yelling, throwing and a few slaps could be heard. But one thing lead to another and Hye Rim and I ended up in bed together. It was definitely a life changing experience. Hye Rim and I started dating after that night. At first we were quiet about, we just told everyone that we made up and we were friends again. But somehow Sunmi found out and she got jealous. She couldn't understand how I could be with Hye Rim after I caught them kissing. She felt that she deseved Hye Rim. So she sabotaged me at work which resulted in me getting fired. Angry at Sunmi, as I was leaving the building I saw her car in the parking and decided to slash her tires. While it may not have been the adult thing to do, it made me feel better knowing she would suffer too. Three years later, Hye Rim and I got married. The girls were invited and Ye Eun was my Maid of Honor. Yubin had been Hye Rim's. Sunmi showed but she was extremely nervous. Her previous actions had really taken a toll on our friendship and she'd tried to fix things with me but it was never the same.
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