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Eunhyuk twitter update
령구! 짱구도 말려줭 어린이날이니까 RT @ryeong9: 와우 ~~ 바나나랑 사과 말리는 중~~!!!!!^^ 아이돌의 흔한 과일건조기 사용 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 입 심심할땐 요거 짱 Ryeonggu! Since it's Children's Day, dry jjanggu too RT @ryeong9: Wow~~ I am drying bananas and apples~~!!!^^ Using fruit dryer that idols used commonly kkkk when your mouth is empty, this is the best (16 hours ago) 윽 당했다! ugk, i've been defeated! (6 hours ago) ma lady (5 hours ago)