Jungkook------> messages are not real and this number is made up
ME:*knocks at the door of Jongkook* (Inside thought once there) GOD I FORGOT HE LIVED IN A DORM WITH THE OTHER BANGTAN BOYS!!!!! *breath deeply to clam down* Me:*Hears footsteps coming to the door* -The guys Inside pov....- Jimin: Ahh...the Jongkook,and Nam-joon back already..... Yoongi: Hmmm.... Hoseok and Jin:......... Taehyung: *stands up to open the door* -door opens- Taehyung: Je....on *Stunned* Ahhh... Hi..... Me: *Smiles* ( inner thoughts) Ahhhhh...ITS V....I MEAN TAEHYUNG....... (fangirling inside still,yet calm outside...) Is Jongkook here? *Jongkook and Nam-joon appear* Jongkook: Erica *smiles* sorry i went and bought food,but come in...
Me: *walks inside with Jongkook, Nam-joon, and Taehyung* The rest of the guys: * Turn and see me there, they started picking up trash in a rush before saying hi* Jongkook asked me if I wanted to get food ready and blah...blah...blah his flirting button turn on -_- irony here...XD Jk I love him
-After dinner- Nam-joon: Let's play Truth Or Dare guys!!! All: Okay.. -Time passes- Taehyung: My turn...Truth of dare, Nam-joon Nam-joon: Dare.. Taehyung:*coughs and faces Hoseok* Both Hoseok and Taehyung:*whisper* everyone:*silents* Taehyung:*nods* I dare you to kiss Erica...
Nam-Joon: Sorry Jongkook I was dared..... Me:........Eh..... Nam-Joon:*Kisses me* Me: *Shocked* EHHHHHHHH.... Jongkook: *Boiling with jealousy*
-Time passes and everyone tired and Drunk except me and Jongkook who are still to young to drink till 19- Yoongi: Erica *Hic-cups* Erica...hic..let's sleep together....hic..*leans on me* Jongkook:*stands up gets moves Yoongi away from me* want to watch one last movie Erica? Me:yup
We both fell asleep on the couch... while watching the movie....-Sigh-
Me:*Wakes Up cuddling with Yoongi* Jongkook:*wakes up cuddling Yoongi too..* - -_- Yoongi destroyed the mood with me and Jongkook XD
it not real i said out a fake one
cover the phone # in the text 🙈