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This video is amusing! This reminds me a lot of her role in Legally Blonde. lol Being very chatty and keeps on blabbing about laws and stuff lol..
@YinofYang I agree, alcohol takes all the inhibitions away even from the best of us
@blairwitme @shoenami Hm...I'm not sure, but there's one thing that I've learned. Alcohol has a way of bringing out the real truth in people. Things we would never say or act upon, alcohol takes all that away and we just blurt it all out. Not everyone is like that with alcohol of course, it just depends on the person, but one reason I've never been drunk.
@YinofYang @shoenami do you think she's this snobby for real? I couldn't believe show she didn't shut up even after her husband even tried to lol
@shoenami Ahahahaha! It doesn't seem real...seems like I'm watching a fake COPs episode or something.
@blairwitme @YinofYang exactly! while wattching this, i had to convince myself that this was real life and it really happened.. not some movie scene lol
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