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"Executive Realness," Alyssa Edwards tries to explain what she'd REALLY be doing if she wasn't a business woman. Watch this clip to see why I love her so much and hopefully you can get your life with this clip!
Do you have a favorite Drag Race superstar (winner, runner-up, or whatever)?
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That's the one and only Alyssa Edwards from Mesquite TX. she was on RuPauls drag race, lost, but is the true star. her Alyssa's Secret videos on YT are sensational
@marshalledgar Masterchef Junior is so ridiculous because it's SO STAGED. I'd imagine Drag Race is a lot more authentic lol.
Yeah Alyssa is EVERYTHINF @EasternShell
ok. love her...too real and simply fab. Alyssa can work the catwalk and those splits and high kicks. Damn. I'm in awe.
I love her accent and the pink lipstick. She reminds me of a 60s glamour girl or airline stewardess. I don't watch Drag Race, but RuPaul is stunning and eloquent. I'm checking out Alyssa's you tube channel later.
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