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Clad in a cocktail-length, ballerina-esque corseted top with a tuille skirt, a cropped Chanel jacket, ballet flats, and small flowers in her flowing hair, the actress, 28, exchanged vows with the Klaxons keyboardist in front of an intimate audience of only 11 family members and friends, according to the Daily Mail. The groom, 29, wore a navy blue suit with a light blue tie and pocket square. The newlyweds climbed into a silver Renault Clio following the ceremony. The couple will reportedly celebrate with a slightly larger clan of about 50 in the evening at Knightley's mother's home just outside of town. Righton's band is expected to perform. It should come as no surprise that the event was an intimate and unfussy affair. Last November, the brunette beauty (who appears in Coco Chanel ads) told Ellen DeGeneres that she never was one of those girls who dreams of a "fantasy wedding," adding, "I don't get what the big deal is. You say, 'I do,' 'I do.' You drink a bit." But that didn't mean she wasn't feeling some nerves. In fact, she seemed a bit overwhelmed by the process in general. "It's all quite terrifying, and I sort of looked up on the Internet, if you're getting married, what should you do? I really don't have a clue," she admitted. Knightley and Righton were introduced in 2011 by their mutual friend, fashion personality Alexa Chung, and have been dating ever since. They got engaged just under one year ago and currently live together in their East London flat.
@shoenami A recycled dress....seriously, she's pretty cool!
@YinofYang @ameliasantos10 (missed you!) @blairwitme the best part is she's wearing a recycled dress! seems like every bride's nightmare but she just doesn't care!
@shoenami Exactly! Hahahaha! That's what I call a memorable day indeed.
Yes, and look at them, running wearing sunglasses! coolest!
Hahahaha! I really like her wedding dress and flats?! How freaking awesome is that. She was happy and comfortable. So cute!
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