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V-Day Truth

All I wanted to know was if dating sites spiked on Valentine's Day or not. And this infographic popped up with SOME VERY INTERESTING INFO.
What's the most interesting thing you learned from this infographic?

I learned that 24% of online daters ARE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!

@Danidee, this looks like something you would share. I just hope I was able to beat you to it! hahahaha
@danidee Thanks Dani :(
LMAO I'm dying at where this comment thread went. Don't worry, Marshall. @InPlainSight is easily the village perv.
I remember when WeHo had enormous billboards of Ashley Madison. ridiculousness! Yeah, @danidee, no reason for sex to stop when you turn 40...50...60...70...80 (?)...
@nicolejb See...this is where I object to the use of statistics.....say Valentines on the Wednesday on the the year of the statstics...then there would be a spike on the weekend afterwards for dates.....lies, damn lies and statistics
Interesting there is a bigger spike on dating cites AFTER Feb. 14. I can see why, maybe people don't want to be too eager at first?
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