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The police received a noise complaint from a neighbor about a couple of kids playing basketball.

And when the police arrived at the scene, instead of breaking up the game, they decided...

to play a little game of basketball with the kids.

It was caught on video by Samuel Lockridge, a special education teacher at J.C. Harmon High School in Kansas City. Lockridge shared the video on Facebook which instantly became viral and commented, "[Shout out] to [the police] for taking time out to block off the street and play ball wit [sic] the kids."
The police officers who were featured in the video said, "We're doing it for the kids. We love the kids out here. We try to do our best interacting with the kids. They see enough of the bad stuff that goes in the neighborhoods just like we do, and we need to get their mind off of that."

Life is so much better when police officers shoot hoops instead of their guns.

Thank you, @mchlyang. He was a great guy and there are a lot of them out there. :)
good job officer👍
@ButterflyBlu You're welcome and he deserves it as well!
@nicolejb Just did!
I know!! how sick is that ?! @mchlyang feel free to tag me!
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