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I know I'm a little behind, but SO much happened in this one that it took a long time to digest.

This campaign season certainly hasn't been a boring one that's for sure.

Here's a quick breakdown of the first Republican debate.

What we learn:

- Governor Christie's favorite childhood snack
- The name of Trump's pigeon
- Senator Cruz is heading to a sorority
- Dr. Carson has puzzle mania
- Governor Bush has a secret crescent roll recipe
- All participants are truly incredible vocalists.

See for yourself:

Who do you think won this Republican debate?

Yes thanks for the throw-back!!! I wrote a card about this lip-dup too My fav part: When Rand Paul “You just froze a baby!”
@inplainsight is going to hash tag this...I can feel it.
THESE VIDEOS ARE SO WEIRD. I like the slow clap after Ted Cruz said he's going to swallow a sorority's goldfish. Clearly he earned a few votes with that one. @InPlainSight, @ButterflyBlu, @nicolejb YOU GUYS NEED TO WATCH THIS. It gets WAY too real after the 2:00 mark.
Trump makes everything in politics worth watching. Doesn't matter how awful he is. He brings incredible entertainment value to news programming. haha
Yeah haha we've had three more debates since this one and it got even more insane. This might be the most insane election yet. And omg. Kawaii trump really upset me when it first came out too! hahah