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I sssooo love this couple! :D How cute is this! Photobombing your boyfriend's photo with Broadway stars.. lol
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@YinofYang I'm sure you and Mr. YinofYang always have fun! I imagine you having a very fun and interesting household!
@shoenami We definitely do. We get along super well and have a lot of the same interests while understanding that I also love my "me" time. :D @shoenami If you ever come visit, we'll have a blast in Chicago. :D
@YinofYang seems like the best relationship ever! and i'd love love to visit you one day.. but you guys are coming to Seoul first, don't you? ;D
@shoenami Awesome! And yes, yes. I do want to visit Seoul first. I haven't been out of the country in a long time.
@YinofYang you are very welcome here! :D We'll have food tour all over town lol