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Honestly, the character, Malory Archer, cannot be separated from the actress, Jessica Walter. They are one in the same--and not just because Walter is the voice actress for Archer either.
I refuse to believe that they are different. If you've seen Arrested Development and Archer, then HOPEFULLY, you know what I mean. She just reeks of exhaustion, like she's surrounded by fools, cluttering the world, sucking up all the oxygen, fools to be saddled with in life...desperate for inebriation!
BY FAR AND AWAY, Malory is THE BEST character on Archer. Care to disagree? Go for it--who's your fav? (and why...)
Tagging Archer fans: @danidee @LAVONYORK @TylerDurso @shannonl5 (sorry if I missed others!!!!!)
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@invinsybll no way! details! !
2 years ago·Reply
Can we make a live action special for archer?
2 years ago·Reply
That would be awesome! But the guy who voices Archer looks like Bob from Bob's burgers lmfao. I think Mallory is the only one that's is nailed
2 years ago·Reply
@marshalledgar not really many details. I was working as a canvasser in new york and I saw her on the street. We met each other in the eye, she scowled. (pretty common sight for a canvasser to see.)
2 years ago·Reply
we see celebrities all the time out here. but I've never seen her. @invinsybll
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