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so here is some niel ricky and changjo for you ;)
if by peak you mean completely adorkable the yes I agree lol
haha what is niel even doing half the time?! pic#3 supposed to be taking notes for their meeting....seems like it's going well. pic# play with me hyung!! pic#4...whatcha doin there?...u ok? pic#8 smh lol playing with angels emotions
bring it in weirdos!!
pic#1 I don't even question this. seems about right haha pic#2 cuties complaining eachother pic#3 noodles pic#6 what you say when someone sneezes in america...close but not quite boys haha pic#7 changjo sneakily stealing the meat from niel lol pic#8 I'm sexy and I know it!
pretty sure his "business" is Farmville kekeke
awww babies looking out for each other
lol watching their hyung do all the dirty work. they are so innocent and cute!!
they have such a close relationship!! its so cute!! i lobe them all!!! ok well lots of love from the maknae line!! xoxo angels!! p.s please support TT new mv Warning Sign!!
Ricky is definitely the most adorable thing I've EVER seen hahaha he is just so squishy!
@kpopandkimchi I know!!! he is just so cute!! It's almost unbearable!