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Honestly...I like a guy who reads. A guy who can hold a conversation with me about various authors and talk about his veiws on a book. However, I was a little shocked when I came across something...Kai is a bookworm. He has recommend various books and also quoted from them. His favorite author is Bernard Werber (as quoted in interview). Apparently since he changed schools many times books were his refuge (awww poor baby).
I don't know how a guy who looks like this...
Is a nerd
P.S. I did some research on the Les Thanatonautes series (whch he recommended) and man is it deep, it talks about exploring death. Kai whom we might think is shy and dorky and sexy is really a philosophical guy OoO Marry me already!!!
I really love it when he folds his legs in a chair reading
@kpopandkimchi hey I was going to say that lol guys that read/are really smart are hot. It's like Namjoon when I found out about his IQ lol
that makes me love him even MORE!
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