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This is my first playlist because I'm going to do a date theme too, but now I want to share those heavy romantic and seductive ones!

So the rules are:

-To make a playlist with at least 5 songs following a certain theme.

-And have fun and be creative!!!!

WARNING: mind yourselves young ones! There may be something you find inappropriate, if so, you were warned! I personally don't find anything inappropriate but someone else may.

Taeyang - Let Go

He's got that beautiful voice and it just has such a nice sound to it that sets the mood; granted the lyrics are along the line of "I'm lost without you," which can be a downer, but I think it is still very romantic

B.A.P - Body and Soul, It's All Lies

This song... It is dripping with romance and sexual nature. Definitely a must have; don't believe me? Just listen and read those lyrics... Whew, I need to recover. It's All Lies is a bit sad but still has a romantic sound

BTS - I Need U, Butterfly, House of Cards, and Dead Leaves

So ignoring the video and lyrics for I Need U, one can not deny the seductive sound to it. And Butterfly is lovely. House of Cards and Dead Leaves, oh my god yes!

HyunSeung - I Said I Love You

I couldn't find anything more than the audio teaser. But it is soooo good! It isn't the loviest; in fact it's kind of the opposite lol but still has a sound that fits the seduction/romance theme

Sorry if I went a little crazy and added a lot but I really like to share music! So do the challenge if you haven't!

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@MadAndrea it could've killed me haha
2 years agoReply
@SunnaWalo That was more or less the idea behind the playlist but I figured I'd leave it to undertones and leave it pg-13 by calling it "romantic" but you just made my night 馃槀 I'm sorry you don't get to use the playlist, Jesus I'm dyin over here! I just love how you outright said that! Thank you for cheering me up with your snarkiness! 馃槃
2 years agoReply
def am going to do this but I still struggle with posting on here I've got the picture uploading one kinda going. just vids... yee.. lol still need help on that xD (I'm slow) hahahahahahahahaahhaahhaahhaa 馃槀 halp. ; ^ ;
2 years agoReply
@KatMejia all you do for videos is click the video camera instead of the little camera when you click to add an image, then paste the url of the video from YouTube, click find, and click add. Not sure if that helped or not ^_^
2 years agoReply
A short cut is when you go on YouTube and hit the share button and copy link option, when you go to add it to your card, it automatically pops up so you can just click add.
2 years agoReply