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1st- Southbank during the fireworks 2nd- The Storey Bridge at night aswell as the city 3rd- one of the sculptures in the city.. idk if its still up but it was on google..
3 shots i took in South Bank city area.. not even one filter used.. that place is beautiful if i do say so myself..
down at Shorncliffe beachfront.. first 2 have vintage filter.. 3rd one no filter..
At this huge lagoon near where my dad lives..(Sandgate).. the last 2 are facing out.. so your back is facing the lagoon..
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It's so beautiful. looks so relaxing
2 years ago·Reply
@TashiannaBostic it is at south bank especially at that area with the pools and all that i might go this weekend maybe and get some more pics for u guys
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