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TOP hair has gone from dark brown to Sliver white ..can't wait to see more... GD... you really cover well... can you see at all?
TOP : Just follow me
TOP : This way
GD : Good I got you Topi..
GD :Cause I can't see anything..
GD : TOPi you here?
TOP : I am here
GD: TOPi where are you?? TOP : I am right here Bae♡ heads to Paris for Diors Homme's Winter Fashion Show!!!
it's like G Dragon wanted to see the world through Daesung's point of view 😂
Help for anyone that needs a "GD's most outrageous outfit" on the scavenger hunt game xD
I love his hair blonde. I mean, I love the natural color too but there is something about him being blonde that just....*fans self* I don't think GD realizes that that will only draw more attention to him. That or he was being sneaky and trying to trick TOP to hold his hand. I'm onto you GD!
Oh my god! GD, WTF??? I'm dying. This is way too funny.
I love this. GD looks like a ninja, and top is just... amazing. he's always very chik but I love him in light hair. o can't help but wonder if GD has a new hair style too? or if he just had a hang over of something and forgot his sunglasses so used his hat to cover his eyes Lol
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