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I can't be the only person that thinks Leo is incredibly cute when he gets shy. When he get's flustered there are just too many great, adorable moments that can't be ignored.
There's the time when he was asked to do a sexy dance.....and then tried to finish the recording underneath a table.
The time when he had to say a cringe worthy confession. Shindong ended up cutting him off in the end.
The time he tried to do a cute version of Voodoo Doll. Random Fact: Leo and Tables are my new OTP XD
The time a song for you exposed Leo's complient allergy.
The time Leo blew one kiss to the fans and recieved way more attention for it then he planned.
The time N failed to question Leo and he crawled away in a desperate escape attempt.
The time fan's asked Leo to do aegyo at a fansign. He tried. :)
Need I continue....
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idk i think someone said he was actually pretty talkative off camera? idk but that'd just make him even cuter! (if that's possible)
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His shyness is so adorable!! 馃槀馃槃馃槏馃槝
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His so cute
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omgosh the blow a kiss one. I died! he's adorable and all muscular 馃槏
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