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Perfect Apartment

When I'm young, I would love to live in an apartment like this. Bright, large open space and a large window. Apartments are easy to decorate and you can easily change everything whenever you want to if you feel like it. A real house is a little different. You're settled. Things are more concrete, and you can't ever fully escape.
@carlosdang That's the way to go...take advantage of your youth. (^_^)
@shoenami actually, you can find really good loft houses in Korea that has the same vibe as this. They're just a bit more pricey than the usual options :D
@YinofYang yeah, I would want a house, but maybe in my 40s or 50s when I want to settle down. In the mean time, world traveling!
Want! but this.. more so for a house, is just a in Seoul and all..:(
That's very true, once you get a house...not so easy to leave anymore. But, this apartment is beautiful.
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