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Suga invited me to sleep over!
We got to stay at Rapmons place!! Nam-Joony!
Nam-Joony flirted with me all night!! *^_^*
J - hope got bored and suggested Truth or dare. Oh dear. This could be really good or very bad.
Rapmon was dared to kiss me! Eek! /^_^\ I've always liked his lips.
Things became a little awkward after the kiss so Suga stepped in and claimed that he wanted to sleep next to me.
J - hope played rock paper scissors with Suga to find out who got to sleep beside me. J hope won in the end.
Nam-Joony was too upset to sleep and after J hope let him suffer for a bit he got up and told Nam-Joony to take his spot. So I woke up to Nam-Joony cuddling me. My phone trolled me and gave me my bias! I was tagged by @thePinkPrincess This is fun. I'll have a story down below.^^
Suga and I had been best friends for a few years now and felt completely comfortable around one another. In being so close he knew I had a crush on Rapmon or Nam-Joony as I so fondly called him. Knowing I would never confess he decided to set up a sleep. Only k wasn't aware it was a set up. I thought it was just another fun filled evening with the boys.
I got the call the day before. Suga knew I didn't have to work and insisted that I come over for a sleepover. When I asked him what time to be at his place; I was surprised to find out it wouldn't be at his place like usual. It was going to be at Nam-Joon's. I went silent when I heard that. I could almost see the grin on Suga's face. "Noona?" he questioned when I hadn't answered. "Ne. I'll, I'll be there." I finally found my voice. "Good!" he said happily before giving me the adress. I spent the rest of the day picking out clothes and making sure I shaved my legs.
I was the last to arrive to Nam-Joony home. It wasn't big but decent size. I was definitely nervous but tried not to let it show. Nam-Joony was a good host and kept making me laugh and blush. I kept getting flustered and brought in the other members to help me.
J-Hope wanted to play a game and after coming up with a few ideas we decided on Truth or Dare. I say we but I mean the boys. They would not give up on it and with V's puppy dog eyes I caved. V had to stand on his head while trying to make a PB&J sandwhich. J hope ended up wearing one of my bras. That had us all in a fit of laughter. Next it was J-Hope turn to pick someone. He turned to Rapmon and smiled asking if he chose truth or dare. He choice dare and I did not like the smile on J - hopes face.
"Alright. I dare you to kiss Noona!" he smiled. I froze. Kiss? Of course I wanted to kiss him. Those lips where so plump and weakness of mine. Not that I would admit it out loud or anything. Nam-Joony blushed as he rubbed the back of his neck. With the others pushing for the kiss neither of us could back out. We inched closer to one another and had a short peck. Of course the others teased us as we pulled apart quickly. Both blushing. The game went on creating alot of memories.
It was getting late and I could tell everyone was fading. I suggested that we all get ready for bed. Suga and I usually slept next to one another but J-Hope wanted to sleep beside me this time. I settled the growing argument by telling them to play rock, paper, scissors. J-Hope ended up winning in the end.
At some point I fell asleep buy J hope was still awake. He kept teasing Rapmon about being beside me. Getting upset Rapmon was about to get up and physically remove J hope when he got up on his own. He ended up trading spots with him giving him a knowing look. I woke up to the feeling of someone placing there arm on my waist and kissing the back of my neck. Just by the feel of his lips I knew it was Nam-Joony. I kept my eyes closed as I squeezed his hand and smiled. With a gently squeeze Nam-Joony pulled me closer to him. That was how we fell asleep and how I woke up in the morning. Looking at the time I saw that it was early and had a text from Jhope. curious I opened it and saw the picture of me and Nam-Joony. I blushed and then realized we were still spooning. I blushed harder. I hadn't realized Nam-Joony was awake as well and had seen the picture. "That's a nice picture." he mumbled. I jumped slightly and turned to I was facing him. "So are we a thing now?" I asked nervously. Instead of answering he leaned in and kissed me.
Okay that was a little bit longer than expected but alot of fun to make! ^_^
@Princess2328 Noona is fine^^
@kookie9044 - I forgot one more thing lol, do you have a specific name you want me to use or keep it just Noona?
@kookie9044 - It's no problem. I'll try to do it sometime tomorrow for ya. If there ends up being a delay I'll let you know. ^^
thank u thank u thank u so much again! @Princess2328
mmmm... yess!! @Princess2328
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