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It was Friday night and i was bored, and alone at home, my family had left the city for the weekend but i stayed because of my job. So i had nothing to do and nothing to watch on TV. Until a few minutes later my phone started buzzing on the table.
The one who invited me: Jimin. "Hey, are you busy?" It was my friend Jimin. Just listening to the sound of his voice made me happy. He always had something fun to do, and his friends were the best people in the world to hang out with. "Never for you, What's up? " "The guys are having a Sleepover tonight, wanna join us? " "Sure, where is it gonna be?"
The Sleepover is at his place: Jin. It took me twenty minutes to get to Jin's house from the nearest train station to my house. He lived pretty far. When i knocked on the door, Jimin stormed to open it and dragged me inside. The other 6 greeted me happily, and it was obvious that they had expected me to come, since there were 8 sleeping bags on the floor. "Make yourself comfortable, I'll get you some snacks and a drink." Said Jin while Jimin helped me take my coat off and put my stuff away, leading me to the floor with the other guys. "I'm glad noona could join us, it wouldn't have been fun without your jokes." I heard Jungkook and looked at him. "I'm glad you invited me, i swear i was so bored i could have started a slow jazz band there." i complained making Tae, J-hope and the maknae laugh. Finally Jin came back with the snacks, causing a chaotic ovation from all of us.
Flirted with me all night: Jimin. The night went by pretty nicely, we played games, had drinking competitions with pop of course, i would turn myself into a living doll for Jin, and we even had some fun painting each other's faces. From time to time i would turn to Jimin and find him looking at me like he wanted to eat me alive, he noticed and smirked at me biting his lower lip and winking. He was such a tease, but I'm not innocent either; when he turned around, i looked at his butt, biting my own lip, and smiling. It's not my fault, the guy has a squishy bottom! And then Jungkook had the idea of...
Suggested playing truth or dare: Jungkook. Dared to Kiss me: Taehyung. "Let's play truth or dare!" The maknae yelled. The group exploded in expressions of agreement and then Jungkook picked Tae. "You first, choose." "Dare" the other replied without second thought. "Kiss her. On the lips and french style" There were Whoo's and oh's all aroung but still Tae walked over to me, circled my waist with his right arm, took my chin with his slender fingers and placed his lips onto mine, i felt his thumb slightly pulling my lower lip down so i would open my mouth and his wet tongue sliding inside. As a reflect, i closed my eyes and put my hands in his nape, digging my fingers into his hair. "Oh for Pete's sake, stop it already!" We heard Namjoon complain. "We don't want you to bang here in the living room in front of everybody." We were enjoying it so much, that Jungkook and Jin had to pull each one of us apart. "Ok, time to sleep." Jin raised his voice to stop Jungkook from doing another round rather than actually sleeping. "Noona, i'm sorry, i spilled pop all over your sleeping bag." I turned around to see Jimin holding the wet bag, with a huge grape soda stain in the middle.
Wanted to sleep with me: Rap Monster Actually slept with me: J-hope. "I can share my bag with you, it you're okay with cuddling with me. " Suggested Namjoon surrounding my shoulders with his arm. Jin smacked his head with a notebook and said with an annoyed tone, "I won't let you score with her in my home, Namjoon. I already made the mistake of allowing Jungkook's little game." The oldest scolded with his hands resting on his hips. "I'll share with Hoseok." I interrupted the princess running to link my arm with J-hope's. "It's fine with me." They all agreed and we finally went to sleep. About an hour later, We were still awake, so we started talking in whispers. "Tell me a secret about you." He said out of the blue. "I am extremely sensitive on the skin of my neck." i confessed. "You mean you get tickles and stuff? " "Yes" He went silent for a while, so i thought he had fallen asleep and i turned around to do the same; when i felt something brushing my neck, and making me twist my body like a worm and gasping quietly. "What the..." i started cursing when I heard his chuckles. "Hoseok, what did you put on my neck? " i sat up looking at him. "My lips." he replied. Pucking them as if he was throwing a kiss in the air. "How did they feel?" "Really weird." "Ok, I'll stop, let's get some sleep. " I went back to a lying position and covered myself with the sleeping bag, falling asleep almost immediately.
In the morning i found myself cuddling with: Suga. The next morning i opened my eyes with a heavy feeling of wanting to get back to sleep. I tried but failed. So i decided to get up and start preparing breakfast for the guys, but a pair of slender arms tightly griping my waist avoided my escape from the sleeping bag, which by the way, wasn't Hoseok's bag. I immediately blamed Namjoon, so i turned around, and my breath left my lungs when i did so. It was the most beautiful sight in the world. Yoongi's peaceful and pretty face, pale like an angel's, his thin, pink lips half open, his bluish blonde hair falling over his closed eyes. Impulsed by i-don't-know-what, i stretched my hand to his face and put away those locks and getting a better look of his cute face. Unconsciously i smiled looking at him, but then i remembered i was too heavy for his arm and tried to get up, but his grip tightened around my waist. "If you can't go back to sleep, at least stay still until I wake up, could you?" He purred in a whisper too close to my ear. I knew he wouldn't let me go until he was fully awake, so i stayed still, and tried to sleep a little more; he used his arms to cuddle me closer to his body and rested his lips on my forehead.
So, how was it? You liked it? Sorry if it looked too slutty... It was originally a Screen shots game, but my phone is not cooperating taking screen shots so i did it like this. Thanks to @thePinkPrincess for the idea. Love you all!!
@Destiny98 Thank you. 😊
@KarlythePanda66 yes! I want to know what happens. If the other members catch them
Should i write an epilogue for this?
Awesome! Great idea too. 👍
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