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Actress Ha Ji Won shed tears as she spoke about having to seek psychiatric help after filming the movie ‘Sector 7.’ On the May 3rd episode of SBS’s ‘Thank You,’ the guests were Lee Moon Sae, Seo Hee Tae, Ha Ji Won, and Lee Hi. The group had a candid discussion with each other and spoke clearly enough to cover the generation gap among the guests. During the show, Ha Ji Won said, “After filming ‘Sector 7′ I received psychiatric help. I could not break away from my character. In the movie ‘Sector 7′ the monster dies, and all the people I love die and I am the only one left alive and for some reason I could not break away from the pain of that character for quite some time.” “After the conclusion of ‘Sector 7′ I needed to go in for the script reading for ‘Secret Garden‘, but I could not break away from my character on ‘Sector 7′ so the entire script reading was a mess. I knew I could not do it alone so I sought out professional help,” the actress shared amongst tears. Ha Ji Won also said, “I don’t think I’m a fun person. I get very invested to my character and when the project ends, I realize just how boring the real Ha Ji Won is. So even when I am on a break I purposefully try to be more busy.”