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♡♡♡ATTENTIONNNNN!!! ♡♡♡ Alright girls! so I just came out with this awesome plot that you all are going to like it! I'm not a professional writer so sorry if they're some mistakes! but I enjoyed doing this! Enjoy!!!! -- Part 2 -- if you want to be tagged let me know and I'll try my best to do it OK!
You hear on the distance voices, you try to figure out what they’re trying to say all you could hear is mumbling, you try to open your eyes but fail to do so. Along with a loud beeping sound ringing in your ears. You could barely hear what they we’re Saying. That beeping sound vanished little by little. Desperately trying to move your lips to let them know you we’re Awake. Several times you tried your best to make a movement and say something but failed once again. Your inner voice was saying "what the he’ll Is going on here” "hello, fucking arms move!!!!” "OK so that’s Not working” your inner voice said. You suddenly clearly hear what should we do with her? You hear a mans voice. Should we disconnect her? Huh? Fucken tell me?! You hear someone else crying I don’t Know OK! I don’t Know! You heard the doctor she’s in a coma! You steadily listen to what they’re Saying. you know what the fuck is that!?. A vegetable idiot! what are you going to say to her parents? We can’t Just let her live like this!! I’ll take care of this Once and for all nor her parents will know and you’ll Forget about her… believe me you will. Ill make sure. Hearing his steps getting closer to you slowly hear someone say.. what are you doing hyung! Don’t Even dare to touch her!!! Suddenly you hear a loud noise of them fighting throwing punches at each other chairs falling to the floor, curtains being moved. And things crashing against the wall. Your heart started to pound really fast, of all the commotion they were causing, the machines besides your bed started to beep uncontrollably, notifying the nurses that a problem had occurred. Screams invaded the room you where in, nurses trying to stop the fight while the doctor trying to see what’s happening to you. You didn’t Understand the situation you where in. All you knew was that you where at the hospital in a coma state and two guys fighting over you. You Hear a loud scream NO HYUNG!!!!.
That beeping sound once again invaded your ears, You try to grasp for some air. You wake up feeling your head spinning Miles per hour with a huge headache. You open your eyes and jump right off bed breathing heavily while sweat drips from your forehead to your neck Onto your chest you wipe down That sweat with your hand. Trying your hardest to see a clear view of where you are, You automatic look at your watch on your left hand. Its 6:00 Am, November 11th 2017 You look around, and start to walk around your bedroom. You see a mirror and start walking towards to see yourself on the mirror, you scratch the back of your neck and say “what the he’ll Was that”. You look at the vanity and see perfumes and hand lotions you start looking at a yellow folder with bright red letters “EVIDENCE CASE 40029” you open up the folder and see a picture of a handsome guy. You raise your head slowly and look at the vanity’s mirror. You see on the back of your reflection, A wall with a huge map with red ribbon knotted with pins in different directions pointing out to street views, phone numbers, and a lot of pictures of a guy, Named Kim Jong-in AKA “Kai” that had a side note written “kill them with kindness”. “Luckily it was just a Dream” you said.
part 2 is out! girls @PatriciaS @KellyOConnor
That's really good! I'm excited for the next part!~ ^^
It sounds so interesting can't wait to read more
oooh that was interesting!
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