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Big Bang ▷GD◁ When you get ↝Jealous on a Microphone?
One day you realize, you get jealous over a microphone he is holding.
How close it get to your Bae. How you wish it was you. Welcome ! because it means ↠you forgot to take your ▶▷MEDICINE◁◀ today↞
Here is your ♡♡♡♡MEDICINE♡♡♡♡.. please take once a day with lots of Love. I am sure you will feel better soon
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so true why can't we be a microphone 😉
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi Sunggyu??...let me go on my search.. for hot Bia..
2 years ago·Reply
@edwey66 Pls try to take only one dose a day....overdose might end up with drilling and nose bleed..
2 years ago·Reply
I've realized the jealousy struggle is real when I find myself becoming jealous of water bottles and tshirts😂😂
2 years ago·Reply
@Jiyongixoxo Don't worry... we r in this together
2 years ago·Reply