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I just heard about Lee Hi's upcoming comeback and I couldn't be more excited.

Lee Hi's voice is not only stunning, but her lyrics are absolute poetry.

Please read some of the lyrics below and have your faith in Kpop restored.

The next person who says you listen to shallow pop music should really check these two tracks out.


I like you and it’s been a while
All day, I think of you
While I’m walking down the street, while I'm listening to music
You suddenly show up before my eyes
The movie that my heart is making
Is a special project that only stars you
The title is “My Crush”
And I’m the only audience
Everyone comforts me, tells me to cheer up
But I’m sick of hearing that – I’m not sad
Even if he forever…
Doesn’t know my heart, it’s okay
I just need him to be where I can see him
Just as always, with those charming eyes, gestures, words
He just needs to exist, that’s all I need

Am I Strange?

Ten fingers, ten toes
Two arms, two legs, blood is flowing
Two eyes blinking, two ears listening
I am open
One head and one heart
I think and I drink in air
Just like you
Am I strange? Where? How?
Am I strange? Why are you looking at me like that?
Your stares make me feel like I’m covered in wounds
I laugh when I’m happy, cry when I’m sad
It hurts when I’m poked, I get angry when it continues
I despair and I hope
Just like you
But there are a few things that I only have
A few things that are different from you
Several things that make me who I am

Anyone else love when Kpop actually uses amazing lyrics?

Where my Lee Hi fans at?!
I need to listen to this song asap
I love any Kpop songs which have meaning to them which is honestly how I got into BTS. ☺️
When the lyrics hit my heart so hard because I'm feeling that type of way. 😮😮😮😲😲😌😌
I wonder if tablo had anything to do with these great lyrics since he's producing the album. Can't wait until the album comes out! it's been long overdue...
I love when they have meaningful lyrics. Like I find GD's A Boy to be one of the most thoughtful and personal songs from him as a solo musician. B.A.P had One Shot and I found that meaningful.
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