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The one who Invited me. Jin invited me to a sleep over YAY!
The sleepover at his place and the sleepover is at Jimin's place.
Flirted with you all night. Suga Flirted with me all all night..... interesting
He suggested playing truth or dare. I Can see Rapmon suggesting that game lol
Dared to Kiss you. I have no idea what to say about the dared kiss from J-Hope
Wanted to sleep next with you. Omg Tae-tae wanted to sleep next to me...... I'm fangirling just thinking about it.
He slept with me. Kookie slept with me. I'm okay with it since he's my second bias and he's cute.
In the morning, You found yourself cuddling with him. YES!! Tae-tae cuddled me idk how it happened but I don't care he's the most adorable thing on this planet.
the Scenario: It was night time and I got a call from Jin he told me they wanted to have a sleep over with me. Of course I couldn't say no so I said okay. He then told me it was at Jimin's place, which was practically next door. so I told Jin I'm gonna tidy up real quick and be right over. When I walked over and knocked on the door Jimin had answered his his own door. "Hey Kendra you're here come on in" I soon go to the living room,as i set my stuff down Rapmon notices me. "Everyone I have an idea, let's plan Truth or Dare!" everyone was sitting in a circle so I decided to sit next to Suga and we talked to each other when it wasn't our turn. I knew he was flirting with me so I just went along with it. All of a sudden I hear my Name being called by Jungkook on a dare so I look up. "I dare J-Hope to kiss Kendra." Jungkook said and looked over to J-Hope who was already on his way over to me he then kissed me on the lips for a few seconds and went back to his spot. we then played other games and watched tv and ate pizza. after a few hours we were all lying down under a bunch of blankets when Tae-tae came up to to me and sked me a question. "Kendra is it okay if I sleep next to you?! "Sure" I said. I had a major crush on him. so when he laid next to me I couldn't help but hide my face and smile. While I thought everyone was sleeping I turned facing Tae-tae he was sleeping facing me, while I was admiring Tae-tae's facial features I blushed and I all of a sudden feel someone getting under my blanket I turned my head to see who it was. "Jungkook what r u up to?" "I'm going to sleep next to you." he said. to be honest I find him quite adorable. I tried to ignore what he said until he tried cuddling up against my neck, and all I could do was hide my face and blush. "I find it adorable when you blush." and only I hear it because everyone else was sleeping. "T-Thank you!" I said. and turned my whole body around to face Jungkook and he had fallen asleep, I too fell asleep nit to long after. It was morning and I found myself cuddling someone with there arms around me. I figured it was jungkook because of what happened last night but when I looked jungkook was gone andit was Tae-tae, I blushed so hard wondering how this happened. Then I realized he slid under my blankets and he still had his blankets on him as well. I got flustered for a minute and just stared at him for a while which seemed like forever. (Okay so as you can tell I like Tae-tae he is my ultimate bias I just love him so much. a Kookie well he's my second bts bias I hope you enjoyed it.)
@kpopandkimchi I know right just thinking about gets me all hyped up I was literally excited while writing that part