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Yeah I really want to send an idol a message on their respective social media....but idk I get very nervous about that.... Besides they probably wont see it because they most likely get hundreds (if not thousands) a day.... But my little friend Helena has sent many messages and they pretty much replied to them..... As close to an idol I did get a message back from my fave author Cassandra Clare (yes she is not a celebrity)
I know that the more popular bands probably wont answer.... Should I try anyways?? Aish....I don't even know what to tell them.... It would be difficult to write something in Korean as mines is maybe someone who speaks English?? Lets see thats....Jackson, Mark, RapMon, Benji (B.I.G), Jae (Day6), YoungK (Day6), Kevin, Eli, Changkyun (I.M he doesnt have a social media account).....umm who else??
Honestly, Leo from VIXX is NOTORIOUS for reading all of his mentions - he's glued to his twitter! he talks about tweets with fans if he sees them at fan signs and stuff!! I'm sure others do too!
@kpopandkimchi @krin @Ercurrent @Isolate @KellyOConnor oh I already sent Jae from Day6 and Vixx Leo a message ah!!
i have this fear that ill just be thrown into the wave of other fans and my message will never be seen again. lol, let me know how it goes!
@ARMYStarlight good luck!!! Hopefully they respond:)
Do it! There's always the chance that they'll reply back and at the very least there's a good chance they'll at least read it. So go for it!
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