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Rules: Pick at least 5 songs hehehehehe yeah....ummm about that.... :) tagging the amazing individuals: @MadAndrea @BulletproofV @SugaOnTop @CreeTheOtaku @VKookie47 @thePinkPrincess @amobigbang My theme is Bedtime Playlist! This playlist is fail proof for me, it puts me to sleep every time.
I'm so creative right? Hahaha don't say I didn't kind of warn you. I don't know what it is, but BTS is my go to for sleep, since this album came out I've fallen asleep to it almost every night when I have trouble sleeping. Lights out before RUN is usually done and always by Butterfly.
Second option is BTS The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1!! This album is really special to me because back in mid/late October I was suffering from sleep deprivation and anxiety. I was constantly confused, sad, and angry for a lot of that time; my little sister was in Ireland during this time and I wasn't able to see her for a whole week. I'll spare you the gritty details, but it was a rough time for us both and this album helped me to find sleep at a time when I needed it. BTS was there for me as well. When I needed a smile they were the only thing that could make me smile. Also, I listened to the intro on repeat nine out of ten times when I needed to sleep or I was feeling particularly anxious. Yoongi's voice soothed my anxiety and made it possible for sleep to overtake. Nevermind has the same effect, and the only downside is that I really can't listen to those songs unless I want to go to sleep.......but no complaints because his voice is better than an aphrodisiac ;) Now for the wild card:
Wild Card!! My BTS playlist on repeat and shuffle. Never know what I'm gonna get in what order, but I like that, the major downside is that Danger is not exactly.......sleep inducing nor is DOPE.....but hey its Bangtan :)
Jungkook's Lost Stars is another good song I like to listen to, I love using Soundcloud from time to time for sleep, but my cat usually has other ideas when it comes to this song that involves making it obvious she likes it..... I haven't used soundcloud for probably a month because anytime she hears this song she goes a little crazy with loving the phone and meowing along with it.......
@LilySilver Vingle needs to get its shit together... Or maybe we're just so popular that we have too many notifications and some aren't getting through because they're stuck 😂
@MadAndrea it's okay I'm still not getting all my notifications either I don't think. But I'm finally catching up! lol
@LilySilver and I just saw this now
Ugh! I didn't get alerted that I was tagged 😠 Vingle drives me nuts sometimes, I just so happen to randomly fond posts I'm tagged in lol. Anyway I love your playlist!! Bedtime songs are great
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