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This is from Minoz International: Hello Minoz! FALCON and Lee Min Ho’s World are collaborating a special event on this special day! This year on May 10th will be Lee Min Ho’s 7th year since he debuted. In order to celebrate this special day, we will be hosting a global event where Minoz worldwide can participate and show their love and support to Lee Min Ho! Here are the details on how you can be a part of this event! - The event will start exactly at midnight on May 10th KOREAN STANDARD TIME ZONE. If you’re not sure what time that will be in your city or country, please use this time conversion to figure out the time difference: CLICK ME - ONE PHOTO PER PERSON!!! Take a photo of your self made banner, poster, or whatever you plan to use with the words “Congratulation on Lee Min Ho’s 7th Debut Anniversary – from (your country) (your name)” Be creative! We want you to find creative ways to express these congratulatory words to him. Here’s an example: a photo of a poster with the words “Congratulation on Lee Min Ho’s 7th Debut Anniversary – from USA, Solly” taken in front of Statue of Liberty The location or where you take the photo of your message doesn’t matter. What matters most is your creativity part of how you want to express your congratulatory message: “Congratulation on Lee Min Ho’s 7th Debut Anniversary – from (your country) (your name)” Please use these exact message so that there can be a unison with the message. After you have taken your photo, please share your photo via SNS sites such as Twitter, Vingle, Weibo, etc. and don’t forget to MENTION LEE MIN HO with your SNS post! For example, tweet your photo to @actorleeminho ^^ - After you have shared your photo with Lee Min Ho on any of the SNS sites, please email your photo to Falcon ( who will then put all photos together into a digital frame which will be given to Lee Min Ho! - Falcon will start accepting your photo via email for the digital frame starting on May 10th 00:00 until 23:59 KOREAN STANDARD TIME ZONE! We hope that many of you will participate and share this event with your fellow Minoz! credit:lmhworld
me too want to join...but can explain more clearly how to do it...?
done. :)
How t0 d0 ???
i want to join,how to do
wowwww i participate
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