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Welcome to K-Drama 101!

This is meant to be a guide for beginners of K-drama to hopefully give you some ideas on where to start in the massive K-drama world!

Today's theme is:

Historical Drama!

Korean dramas love to blast us back to the past with epic dramas ranging from romance and mystery to the supernatural!

Drama Beginners: You'll find a list of recommendations in the comments below :D

Drama Gurus: Please leave your recommendations (and if possible, why you recommend it) in the comments below!

You guys know I'm the worst when it comes to historical dramas (I swear I'll watch Moon Embracing the Sun!) so your comments are SUPER important!
Rooftop prince of course!
Moon Embracing the Sun and Sunkyuwan Scandal is Good
☆faith - this one has lee min ho in it. he goes to the future and kidnaps a female doctor and takes her back to the past. ☆gu family book- I love this drama because of the characters and plot. I cried I laughed its simply amazing. it starts off with the story of how the parents met and what happened to them then it gets to the good part is the son. so it's very worth watching. there are allot more that I have watched but I say watch these two first.
good historical dramas....I liked the sungkyunkwan scandal and I'm watching the scholar who walks the night which is addicting I might add
@kpopandkimchi Looks like everyone has it covered here! There's a couple of Taiwanese historical dramas I could add..but I think all the ones mentioned above are great to start off with!
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