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Welcome to K-Drama 101!

This is meant to be a guide for beginners of K-drama to hopefully give you some ideas on where to start in the massive K-drama world!

Today's Theme is:


Korean dramas are known for their crazy plot lines, epic kiss scenes, and heart breaking romances. You need these stories in your life!

Drama Beginners: Check out the recommendations below for the best of the best romantic K-dramas!

Drama Gurus: Please leave your awesome recommendations in the comments!

I would love to make a card but there too many and & I have watched them all ahhaha. .there are some I watch but not Include them Czech may be I didn't like we go 1.Boys Over Flowers 2.My Love from another Star 3.The Heirs 4.Pinocchio 5.Healer 6.Secret Garden 7.Master's Sun 8. You're Beautiful 9. I can hear your voice 10.Coffe Prince 12. Emergency couple 14. Fated To love you. the one with Jang Hyuk, Cause there's tow versions. . 15.To the beautiful You 16. High school love On. 17. The Winter the Wind Blows. 18. lie to me 19. scent of a woman. 20.Kill me heal me.. ok these are not on a like order.. I liked them all.. there are more I know. .but these I like best. @kpopandkimchi. .
Personal Taste Pinocchio (all time favorite) Healer 💖 Heartstrings Love Rain Coffee Prince Emergency Couple Sensory Couple City Hunter Fated to Love You She Was Pretty Kill Me, Heal Me My Princess You're Beautiful Here are some of my favorites! Especially Healer and Pinocchio!
The Princess's Man I miss you Mask King 2 hearts You're beautiful Master's sun BOF Lie to me The scholar who walks the night Secret garden My love from another star My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox and etc
Hs love on, my girl, she was pretty, you're beautiful, heartstrings, exo next door...there's a lot of them but I don't remember rn
my girlfriend is a gumiho, flower boy ramen shop, my girl, secret garden, lie to me, orange marmalade, the scholar who walks the night....just to name a few, lol
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