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Welcome to K-Drama 101!

This is meant to be a guide for beginners of K-drama to hopefully give you some ideas on where to start in the massive K-drama world!

Today's theme is:


Part ridiculous, part just genuinely funny, Korean dramas have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments :D

Drama Beginners: Find the funniest drama recommendations in the comment section^^

Drama Gurus: You funny people!!! Leave your recommendations in the comments!!!

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i think the most fun drama is roof top prince
2 years ago·Reply
unfortunate boyfriend rooftop prince for me
2 years ago·Reply
Emergency Couple, Rooftop Prince, Kill Me Heal Me (nice mix of funny and serious)
2 years ago·Reply
These lists are so handy!! I needed a new drama and remembered that you had made these cards @kpopandkimchi
2 years ago·Reply
1 kill me heal me 2 rooftop prince 3 king of high school 4 my girlfriend is a gumiho 5 playful kiss 6 personal taste 7 boarding house 8 surplus princess
2 years ago·Reply