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Welcome to K-Drama 101!

This is meant to be a guide for beginners of K-drama to hopefully give you some ideas on where to start in the massive K-drama world!

Today's theme is:


Part ridiculous, part just genuinely funny, Korean dramas have plenty of laugh-out-loud moments :D

Drama Beginners: Find the funniest drama recommendations in the comment section^^

Drama Gurus: You funny people!!! Leave your recommendations in the comments!!!

Marriage Not Dating (Love this one) Rooftop Prince She Was Pretty (I laughed through out this whole show)
Sensory Couple Flower Boy Next Door To the beautiful you you're beautiful
Modern farmer was awesome, Lee Hongki was so funny. You're beautiful, To the beautiful you, flower boy next door and ramen shop, she was pretty, personal taste, playful kiss, my unfortunate boyfriend, Mary stayed out all night... Just to name a few I thought where funny
Well.. This one is hard..most of the Romantic ones. have a slight of funny or a lot.. so they are all mix. .I found these following Romantic but Funny too.. 1. BOF 2. Rooftop Prince 3. She Was Pretty 4. Secret Garden 5. Kill me Heal me.. 6. Strongest Chill Woo 7. Hong Gil Dong 8. Lie To Me 9. You're Beautiful 10. Oh My Ghostess 11. Pinnochio 12. My Love from another Star 13. My Girlfriend is a Gonmiho 14. Master's Sun. I think these have slight of funny or a lot in some.. I am sure there more but these what I could think off right now.. I have on my waiting list for funny ...Grandpa Over Flowers. .I think is going to be funny.. Haven't watch it yet ..
unstoppable high kick
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