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Which Crazy Law Still Exists In YOUR State?

That awkward moment when you realize there's people in your home state that really start to salivate when they see a dead frog.
what about all them lactose intolerant people in Utah?
Some of these just MAKE you want to break the law to see what would happen! (Personally, I want to wear a duck on my head and cross the state line, or park an elephant at a parking meter) hahaha!
Maryland-Persons may not swear while on the highway. Um, I'm going to have a collection of tickets. Here's another one. It's illegal to take a lion to the movies. That's one way to clear a theater. lol
😂 I'll remember to leave my explosive golf balls with my parked elephant in FL before I head to MA lol
well I can be fined in a couple states I lived in. I'm allergic to milk and my daughter has my netflix password because she lived in my house and she took it with her.
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